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  • Using Zotero to Manage Your Reference Data
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workshop handout - Zotero 5.0 - the latest version

workshop recording posted on YouTube 


Learning resources



  • How to add footnote/endnote that is a parenthetical thought rather than a citation of a source?
    Answer: Use Word's insert footnote function.
  • What to do if you want two things in one footnote:  both a parenthetical thought and a citation of a source from zotero? enter sentences between references (see for example:...., for a list of relevant works see...) within the footnote.
    Answer: Place the cursor in the Zotero reference, click the Add/Edit Citation button, then click on the blue reference bubble in the pop up dialog. You can enter that sort of text in the prefix/suffix fields.
  • If I “insert footnote/endnote” through the MS Word program in same document where I’m inserting Zotero footnotes, will the two systems work perfectly fine together and respect each other to combine the numbering of footnotes?
    Answer: Adding both Zotero citations (using the Zotero plugin) and informational footnotes (using Word’s footnote feature) is no problem. 
  • How to share PDF files in a Zotero collection?
    • Right click over the collection -> Export Collection... ->Zotero RDF. Zotero will create a folder that contains both a .rdf file and a folder that contains the PDF files.  
  • How to annotate PDF files in Zotero?
    • Zotero doesn't have features to annotate PDF files. However, if you right-click on a PDF within Zotero and select View PDF, the PDF will be opened in the PDF viewer of your computer. You can highlight sentences, annotate the document, click on save and close the document, and your annotations will be saved. 
    • Additionally, Zotfile, a Zotero plugin to manage your PDF attachments, can automatically rename, move, and attach PDFs (or other files) to Zotero items. Zotfile can automatically extract the highlighted text and the annotations and save them in a Zotero note.
    • Zotero Tutorial: Working with PDFs, a very clear instructional video on how to annotate PDFs and how to extract annotations from PDFs with Zotfile. 

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