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19 July 2017



  • Monthly web team meeting

Discussion Items

Accessibility Issues/Project Update Koffler, Jeff
  • Jeff's updates in response to the report / list of requests from Public Affairs is almost complete. Last changes will go live 1st week in August. See
  • Some changes include a more rounded font. The colors will be finessed a bit to allow better visibility when projected (for example, white text on light grey boxes). Most issues from Public Affairs' report have been addressed. The idea of using a "fluid container" like that used by other Rice pages was set aside for now, because our website has so many boxes of content that the fluid container did not perform well.

Change Control documentation Update 

Debra Kolah

We do document and communicate about large high level / structural changes to the website, via the change control wiki.

What about the more "minor" changes, which actually people are often quite interested in, as well? How best to communicate about these, such as the ArchivesSpace updates, or adding a link to the CMACS form, or the Strategic Plan being online now? Email libstaff? Use staff wiki? Our communications about these things need to be framed in terms of their background - "after usability testing..." or "per web accessibility requirements...". See action items for next steps regarding our committee at August Town Hall and our August messages out about changes.

 New Study Room Reservations systemDebra KolahStudy room reservations system is online with some updates. Room 156 is now included in Advance Reservations (more than 3 days out), along with Rm 201 and 601.
 Accessibility Committee/LibGuide: Debra Kolah

Debra Kolah/UX Office taking over Linda Spiro's Accessibility LibGuide

Discussion of the role of the Accessibility Committee and the Web Team, as they overlap in some ways.

To be discussed further as time goes on.

 Broken article/database areas on Bento box updateDebra KolahHan Jun has created a fix for this problem, which will go live the 1st week in August.
 Strategic plan to tie-in to Fondren updateSue GarrisonNew! On the Contact Us page, click on Learn more about Fondren (, and see info including the current strategic plan, plus Lisa Spiro and Melinda Flannery as contacts.

C-MACS form (events/graphics/social media) 


Debra Kolah

Web Team needs to help promote use of this form by anyone needing anything for events/graphics/social media, because the current nature of requests is very last minute and scattered, and results in pieces of requests being missed. For example a person asks 1 person for 1 piece for an event, but then the event never gets on the Fondren calendar (when it should).

The form needs to be linked from a more accessible place than the C-MACS wiki page.


Other Business 



ArchivesSpace updates to be live the last week in July

Website demos planned for 1st week of classes via large screen on 1 st floor, with Debra, Amanda T., and Han Jun doing demos, mainly of room reservation system but also other functions

Action Items