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23 August 2017



  • Talking with Denis Galvin about Documentation Charge coming from Communications Task Force report and Executive Committee. 

Discussion Items

45 minutesDocumentation Chargeall and Denis
  • Fondren has documentation with both internal and external audiences which may not be stored and accessed appropriately.
  • The Fondren Library wiki on the Confluence platform is not ADA compliant and does not work on devices such as iPads
    • however, there is a lot of content there, such as the Cataloging Manual
  • Peer institutions have other solutions such as Brown University's, which is a pubic page pulling together all documentation, with some items requiring log-in. Denis did not prefer that hybrid approach of a public page with materials that require log in, but it was discussed that there is a benefit to being able to find the content described on that page, even if it then requires a log in.
  • Fondren should have such an "index" page for our documentation, and we can decide if it is public or not.
  • The Communications Task Force has a list of documentation which we can use as a starting point of items which need to be listed in the index. Sue to provide this.
  • This change is due / should be completed by July 2018.

Action Items

  • Garrison, Susan R  Share the Communication Task Force's list of documentation with the Web Team to serve as the basis for our Index page
  • Koffler, Jeffrey Michael  Draft an Index page for documentation, we can decide later if it should be public or private
  • Koffler, Jeffrey Michael  Draft a list of possible platforms for the documentation (SharePoint? Drupal? Wordpress? PB wiki?)