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09 January 2018



  • Develop website proposal for Instruction landing page

Discussion Items

20minDiscuss Landing Pageall
  • Page titled "Instruction" could go under Services menu
  • Page would contain:
    • an overview with an explanation of departmental structure and overall mission and goals of instruction program
    • a table of contents with departmental names and brief descriptions linking down to departmental descriptions and contact info edited from the Framework for Supporting IBL
    • an instructional email address such as
    • a calendar inset, hopefully limited to classes
    • possibly a search box for instructional offerings

Action Items

  • Goetz, Joseph Edward will present website proposal to the web team on Jan. 17, 2018 and report to Instruction Committee
  • Goetz, Joseph Edward will, pending approval of website, draft the overview and do a reference description as a template for editing department descriptions from the IBL Support document. Members will develop their descriptions by department.