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C-MACS event promotion services are available for all events being organized by Fondren Library staff.

Event Planning Guidelines

The questions on this form will help you to plan your event, and will give us some background information so we can help promote it.

  1. Who is your audience?

  2. What date have you chosen? Does this conflict with other major events on campus or holidays?

  3. What specific activities are you planning?

  4. What kinds of advertisement do you want? Flyers, website graphics, table toppers? Based on your answers to the questions above, you should be able to formulate some visual ideas. You should now contact Jeff Koffler. He will be able to create a unique image that can be used for your posters, fliers, website promotion, emails, etc.

  5. After getting your image, you can now communicate it to your intended audience, which you defined above.

    1. For reaching students, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and (coming soon) Snapchat are all great communication pathways. You can also send an email to, put up posters near the entrance, and contact Jeff about placing the image on the website calendar and website scroll.

    2. For university staff, use ALLDEPTS, our social media channels, put up posters near the entrance, and contact Jeff about placing the image on the website calendar and website scroll..

    3. For the outside community, use our social media channels, put up posters near the entrance, and contact Jeff about placing the image on the website calendar and website scroll.

    4. For grad students, use our social media channels and submit info to their weekly newsletter. You can also put up posters near the entrance and contact Jeff about placing the image on the website calendar and website scroll.

  6. If you would like to post to Fondren Library social media channels, please fill out the event form from C-MACS here:
  7. Will the event have an impact on parking, or bring in outside visitors? Contact RUPD to let them know about the event in advance. 

After following the steps above, if you need to meet with C-MACS about additional planning ideas, please feel free to contact the co-chairs, Michael Chiles and Norie Guthrie or incoming co-chair Jeanette Sewell. 

Internal Advertising Channels

Friends of Fondren

Business Information Center


Town Hall Meetings

ChannelLocationBest For
LIBSTAFF Listservlibstaff@rice.eduTimely announcements to be read by the entire staff
Fondren Library Staff News Blog of events, accomplishments, services

Rice Community Advertising Channels

Meet/Email Alumni Affairs

Welcome Center @ Rice

Kyle Morrow Room

Rice Events Calendar

Got a Question/FAQ's

Communicator's Forum

NameDescriptionContactInformationNotable Dates
The Rice ThresherStudent-run newspaper. The back-to-school issue is one of the most widely read of the year when many students are looking for new classes and

2016-2017 On Campus Rate Card.pdf 

First Wednesday of fall and spring semester is the "Back to School" issue.

Homecoming issue Wed, 11/11/2015

Willy Week issue preceding Beer Bike targets alum

First Look

Given to every incoming student during O-Week (and optionally to parents) and includes a brief profile of all freshman.

Starting in 2017, it will also be offered to parents.

Kelley Callaway, Director of Student Publications,,

Sale Prices
Full Page with color for $650 (normally $850) 
Half page with color for $400 (normally $525) 
Quarter Page with color for $225 (normally $300)

Reserve space in November and submit ad art by June 1

Some years, space has still been available through February.

Press Releases to

University Community UH/St. Thomas/Baylor/Medical/HB

Houston Public/Harris County Libraries

Thresher Story/Ad

Student Senate

Graduate Student Association page

Social Media Group 

Blog Post about 2017 SM group updates:

If you have something you would like posted to social media, please email Debra Kolah, or Norie Gutrie.  We are  using HootSuite for Twitter, so we can easily schedule posts in advance–so give us a heads up, and we will get it on the calendar!

We have room on the Social Media group for you! If you would like to participate in Fondren Library’s social media efforts, email Debra Kolah ( and we will get you signed up!

PlatformURLContactFollowersBest ForRegular Schedule
Facebook 1238 

Monday: UX Monday (Amanda Thomas)

Tuesday: Information Literacy/Reference Events (Joe Goetz)

Wednesday: News from Fondren highlight (Melinda Flannery)

Thursday: Archives/#TBT item from the Woodson Archive

Friday: Rotates with focus on library humor/light reading (Jeanette Sewell)

Instagram 191 Michael Chiles/DaVian Smith/Norie Guthrie (3 x week)
Pinterest   (Fondren is no longer updating our Pinterest page.)
Snapchat     (DeAndrea Smither)
Twitter 862 

Monday: Shannon Kipphut-Smith

Tuesday: Debra Kolah

Wednesday: Kathy Weimer

Thursday: Scott Carlson

Friday: Norie Guthrie

YouTube   Norie Guthrie


Kyle Morrow Room

School Groups

Hashtag for events

Banner event 


Print/Table tent (3 sides--FOF side, Exclusive Fondren for Students, Calendar


Flyers at College (match Fondren Exclusive Access side of table tent) (Library students can 

Study Rooms

UH (HARLIC Light)-- Veronica


AddressAudienceApproval Guidelines and Distribution ProcessTiming
alldepts@rice.eduAll Rice staff?

Approved by the Deputy Secretary to the Board Of Trustees and Office of the President (Cynthia Wilson) as received.

 Email must be explicitly state that the event is Rice-related by including verbiage such as, "Fondren Library at Rice University."

Usually approved within a day
pres-fac@rice.eduAll Rice faculty? Usually approved within a day
ustudents@rice.eduAll Rice undergraduate studentsReceived by student secretaries of all colleges, who then combine all emails into master announcements distributed to students periodically. The contents of original email can be significantly modified/shortened/commented on as desired by the secretaries. 
gsa@rice.eduAll Rice graduate students Approved by GIS/Data Center staff (Jean Aroom or Kim Ricker) as received.Usually approved within a day

Past Events List (Selective) 

Regularly Scheduled Events with Fondren Participation

MonthEventWebsiteAudienceFondren ContactPast DatesUpcoming Dates
FebruaryLove Your Data Week Kipphut-Smith February 12-17, 2017
FebruaryFondren Research Awards  

Deadline for Application - February 28, 2015

Notification of Winner(s) - March 31, 2015

MarchFondren/IT Study Break     
AprilDigital Preservation Week Andy DamicoApril 26-May 2, 2015 
AugustAcademic Support Fair New Students August 18, 2015 1-5 pm 
AugustRice O-Week Tours/Orientations Entering Freshman   
SeptemberFondren Bingo All StudentsDebra Kolah September 9, 2015
SeptemberFondren/IT Study Break    September 18, 2015
OctoberOpen Access Week, Research Staff, and StudentsShannon Kipphut-Smith October 19-25, 2015
NovemberWorld Usability Day Debra Kolah November 12, 2015
DecemberFondren Study Breaks     
DecemberFondren Pet Therapy     

Regularly Scheduled Events without Previous Fondren Participation

MonthEventWebsiteAudienceFondren ContactPast DatesUpcoming DatesPurposePotential Applicability
AugustRec Center Welcome Back Bash community and their families  August 25, 2015, 3:30-6:00 pmTo promote rec center programs and services.Could sponsor and run one of their carnival games if we can think of one that would tie in with the library or same with snacks or prizes.
FebruaryRec Center Recapalooza



Students, faculty, staff, and rec members 

2/19/15, 3:30-6:00 pm

2/23/16, 6:45 Am - 7:45 pm

 To celebrate National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day.Could sponsor snacks, games, or giveaways.
AprilFlying Owls 5K community April 12, 2015 To raise money toThey usually distribute Race packets with advertisements and freebies.

2015-2016 Special Marketing Events

June 2015: New Website Rollout

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