Copy Catalogers perform three principal duties, each of which is described in greater detail in the individual sections dealing with procedures.

1.1  Ordering (all formats)

Copy Catalogers create orders for materials in all formats, as requested by Collection Development and as delivered to the Cataloging Section by Acquisitions.

1.2  Pre-cataloging (all formats, all levels of copy)

Copy Catalogers pre-catalog approvals, standing orders, subscriptions, gifts, and, when workflow permits, firm order items received from Acquisitions.

1.3  Cataloging (monographs only)

Copy Catalogers catalog the following types of copy for approvals, firm order items, standing orders, and gifts:

  • Full-level DLC copy for single-volume monographs
  • CIP copy for single-volume monographs
  • PCC copy for single-volume monographs
  • Good Member Copy (GMC) for single-volume monographs, provided acceptable call number is present (for list of libraries providing GMC, see Good Member and CONSER Lists, Section X, Chapter A).
  • Member Copy (MC) fiction, provided valid call number can be derived from existing cataloging of works of fiction by same author. (Note: the term ‘fiction’ is understood to include creative literary works other than novels, short stories, etc., such as poetry, plays, etc.)
  • Full-level DLC, CIP, PCC, and GMC multi-volume, monographic sets, only when set is complete.
  • LCV (LC Variant) copy when LC edition corresponds to UKM or MC edition (differing only in publisher).  In this instance appropriate information from the LC record (call number, subject headings, etc.) is added to the UKM or MC record and local eccentricities are cleaned up so variant record resembles LC copy.

Depending on urgency of workflow and seasonal fluctuations, the order of priority among these duties will be determined by the Unit supervisor.

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