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The principal duty of the Serials Catalog Librarian is to process new continuing resources titles and to coordinate various continuing resources activities with cataloging.

  • The Serials Catalog Librarian uses LC or member copy found on OCLC and does original cataloging if no copy is found.
  • The bibliographic record is edited and a call number is established according to the LC schedules.
  • Special processing notes are entered in the holdings record (and sometimes the serials control and/or order records) for the benefit of Serials Receiving.
  • Holdings are recorded if the serial is bound; binding instructions are included for Preservation Services if the serial is unbound.  Holdings records are not created for remote access electronic resources.
  • The continuing resource is returned to Serials Receiving with instructions for check-in and shelving; binding instructions are usually sent directly to Preservation Services by email.


The Serials Catalog Librarian processes continuing resource changes, including:

  • title changes
  • publisher changes
  • frequency changes
  • cancellations
  • cessations
  • withdrawals
  • mergers
  • splits
  • retention changes
  • URL changes


The Serials Catalog Librarian participates in continuing resource projects, including:

  • Government Publications holdings projects
  • Business Information Center projects
  • Trade Shelf publications project
  • LSC projects
  • Special Collections continuing resource cataloging projects
  • Metadata projects
  • WEST archiving project


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