• Habanero-Java: Multicore Programming for the Masses

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HJ-lib puts a particular emphasis on the usability and safety of parallel constructs. For example, no HJ program using async, finish, isolated, and phaser constructs can create a logical deadlock cycle. Further, the future and data-driven task extensions to the async construct facilitate a functional approach to parallel programming. Finally, any HJ program written with async, finish, and phaser constructs that is data-race free is guaranteed to also be internally and externally deterministic.

HJ-lib is built using Java 8 closures using lambda expressions and can run on any Java 8 JVM. Older JVMs can be targeted by relying on external bytecode transformations tools for compatibility. The HJ runtime is responsible for orchestrating the creation, execution, and termination of HJ tasks, and features both work-sharing and work-stealing schedulers. HJ is used at Rice University as an introductory parallel programming language for second-year undergraduate students. A wide variety of benchmarks have been ported to HJ, including a full application that was originally written in Fortran 90.