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All students (regardless of enrollment in Comp311 vs Comp544) will must submit their homework to the same repository using the course name comp311 URL.repository https://svn.rice.edu/r/comp311/turnin/F20/.  There is a folder in this repository for each student enrolled in Comp 311 or Comp 544.

In past years, Rice IT supported a turnin command on its Clear cluster for uploading your a program submission to the repository.  The command was supported by a web interface so that you could perform the same operation remotely. This command is now available only on machines in the CLEAR cluster.  The web interface no longer exists.  For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use regular SVN commands to submit assignments from your personal machines to the Rice SVN repository.  Hence, you will need to learn how to use an SVN client to directly interact with the repository, which is not difficult.  If you prefer using Git, you can also try using the Subversion client built into Git (git svn).  The old turnin command simply committed the contents of a directory (corresponding to a particular assignment) speciified specified by an argument to the command.  When you develop your a program using the same directory structure (which we will stipulate), all of your commits of to that directory are effectively submissions of your program.  Of course, they aren't bona fide solutions until you finish your assignment.  We will not inspect them until after the assignment is due.

Note: if you need to use a slip day, please send an email message to comp311@rice.edu stating that fact before the assignment is due, so we do know not try to grade your program prematurely.

Option A: Using SVN commands for


access Rice SVN from personal machines

Submitting your Homework from your Linux or Mac machine (Using SVN commands)

  1.  One time setup on your machine

    1. Make a new empty directory comp311 in your home directory and switch to that directory:
      mkdir comp311 
      cd comp311

    2. Use Subversion to check out your submission directory:
      svn checkout https://svn.rice.edu/r/comp311/turnin/«current-semester»F20/«your-net-id»
      E.g., for Fall 2020 and the NetID  "xyz99": 

  2. To check the status of your current directory, run :
    svn status 
    This should show all your files that are added(A) / not added(?) / deleted(D) / modified (M) to the Subversion repository.

  3. To add folders/ files, use : 
    svn add «file_name» (without angle brackets)
    svn add «folder_name» (without angle brackets) – recursively adds all files in it
    This should show all files/ folders that have been added to the Repository (this is still a local copy)
    1. To delete folders/ files, use : 
      svn del «file_name» (without angle brackets)
      svn del «folder_name» (without angle brackets) – recursively adds all files in it
      This should show all files/ folders that have been deleted to the Repository (this is still a local copy)

  4. To commit your files, use: 
    svn ci -m "Some relevant message here"
    This should show all the files that have been added/ modified/ deleted ... followed by
    -- Transmitting file data.
    -- Committed revision «rev. no»

  5. And you have successfully added your folder/ files to the SVN repository. Visit repo on the browser to confirm that all the file structure is intact.