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Tasks Addressed this Week

    • Adding Don Johnson's ELEC 241 homework sets, quizzes and final to a repository on google docs in multiple choice format, link to document can be viewed here.
      • This repository is for the most part finished, better multiple choice wrong answers could be added than the ones that exist currently
    • Develop parser tests for quadbase that assert whether or not a problem was raised
      • gotten errors out, but still have problem with failures and I don't understand why a failure is still being raise
    • Try to break new updates to Quadbase (haven't really done much with this ye

Items to be Completed

  • Continue to break Quadbase
  • Figure out why I have failures in my parser test

Activities for next week

  • Need more questions to add to the repository (possibly Burrus and Simar could donate problems)
  • Need to develop more test cases for the parser tests


A completed repository of ELEC 241 problems, and maybe a working parser test by next week

Issues from this week

Figuring out why I have failures in my parser tests