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  1. Travel expense reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days from the last day of the trip.
  2. Itemized receipts must be included for each expense of $25.00 or more. There is an option to enter an expense if you have lost the receipt which can be found in the drop-down under "receipts" in your expense report.
  3. Meals and parking should be paid for separately, rather than included with lodging in your hotel bills. This will simplify the audit process from the Concur side.
  4. It’s possible to submit multi-page receipts, or add pages to receipts already in the system.
  5. Any alcohol (such as a glass of wine with a meal) must be itemized and the alcoholic beverages account used for the expense (70880).
  6. Auto mileage-70220- Because Fondren limits the transportation amount to 1/2 of a normal (coach) airfare it's probable that you will not be able to use the Mileage Calculator link, which cannot be itemized between reimbursable and personal expenses. You will want to approximate as closely as possible the amount approved for transportation on the Staff Travel Request Form. To calculate this, enter a mileage amount in the required "Distance" field that will result in the desired reimbursable amount. For example: if you have been approved for $100 in transportation expense, enter 174 in the Distance field. You may wish to add a comment that the amount is the reimbursable portion of a round trip to the destination.
  7. Hotel/Accommodations-72344- Staff have found that the Concur system prefers that the Vendor field, which is not required, be filled in. While there is a drop down to select major hotels, you can also simply enter the name of your hotel in the field. Concur will accept a new name in the field. If your hotel room costs more than $175.00 per day you will need to allocate part of the costs to personal expense, which will not be reimbursed. If you have issues with this process please contact a member of the LTTD committee for help. 
  8. Ground transportation - 72342 - Use this code for a taxi or a Metro bus