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23 February 2017



  • To discuss possible modifications to Fondren website's SERVICES PAGE and CONTACT US PAGE.

Discussion Items

Jet indicated that she's still waiting on feedback from the Reference department regarding the database trials form.

Jeff led a discussion on:

CONTACT US page: A “share a story” button had been added to the front page. Suggestion was made to add a “share a story” button to our IR page. Should our IR have a more prominent presence in our front page? How does IR currently receive feedback? Jet suggested that IR should be more prominent.

CONTACT US drop-down menu: Suggestion was made to use hierarchy (main categories, then sub-categories, etc.). 

SERVICES PAGE:  Accessibility services was added under Assistance. The group suggested that we consolidate GIS, DMC and Access services subcategories.

Action Items

  •  Jet will survey the Ref/CD staff about how we might can achieve higher visibility for our IR
  •  Jeff will re-arrange the CONTACT US drop-down menu: (in the order of usage) for our review
  •  Jeff will approach each of the GIS, DMC and Access services departments about combining/condensing Services pages and revise them for our review.