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  • Fondren 101 has been going well. had 17 attendees for first class, 16 for second.
  • Kathy Weimer is stepping off the committee due to workload after Linda Spiro's retirement.
  • In response to the Communication Task Force's suggestions, Sara Lowman emailed all committee chairs asking whether committees are active and should be continued. We think ours is active and should remain.
10minReview IBL ProposalJoe

In support of the QEP, we propose to create a description of library instruction offerings that follow the framework of the Inquiry-Based Learning Scaffold (see This description will be used in discussions between the QEP, librarians, and departments that are developing the IBL aspects of their curricula.

30min20minDiscuss department IBL contributionsAll

We note a tension between describing our offerings in terms of standards, and in terms of specific workshops. Terms like Information Literacy, Digital Literacy, Digital IL etc. don't necessarily communicate much about what and how we instruct, but at the same time add authority to our learning goals. A list of workshops works well for some departments but not others.

Another question is whether to organize the description around our departments, or around the facets of research listed in the IBL scaffold.

A more general difficulty is how to describe our departments' instruction work in terms of the inquiry scaffold, when that work is highly varied and doesn't seem to fit neatly into any of the categories listed.


10minPlan next stepsAll

A good approach to try is to write a description of how the library supports (and could support) inquiry based learning in various ways, organized by the facets of research most relevant to our work. This description would be followed by a department-by-department account of what we offer, using both descriptions in paragraph form and annotated lists of workshops.

Action Items

  •  Joe will draft a rough version of the document described above and share it with members to fill out, discuss and revise.