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  • To aid in maintaining physical distancing restrictions, as well as to avoid having to pay to store several thousands of chairs, chairs will remain in classrooms wherever possible. Chairs that are not to be used will be marked as such. In rooms with movable chairs, the floor will be marked in order for everyone to know where the acceptable chairs need to be located.
  • If you are an instructor and will be teaching an online course but would like to do it from a "teaching studio," please email These teaching studios will be small regular classrooms that won't be scheduled this fall as their size is too small for classes with physical distancing. These spaces would be ideal if you don't wish to use your office or teach from home.
  • For a list of rooms and their progress, please visit here.
  • For a list of department spaces and their progress, please visit here.
  • To view pictures of some room installations, please visit here