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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 5.3
If you'd like to attribute the article to a first-time author follow these instructions first: How to Add an Author


  1. In the Management bar, select "Manage" (this may already have been done for you) and then "Content".
  2. On the "Content" page, click the "Add content" button near the top.
  3. Select "Article" for the type of the new content.
  4. On the "Create Article" page, fill-in the article's content, including the image, title, and other required fields. 
    1. For "Author" you can select yourself or an author you have already added (instructions here).
  5. Be sure to set the "Category" near the bottom as your channel (e.g. "Cultures of Energy (116)") and add "Channel Entry Tag (86)" in the Tags section. Following those steps will add it to your channel's landing page.
  6. You can optionally change the date that appears as the article's publication date. 
    1. To do that, click "Authoring Information" in the smaller right column.
    2. Under "Authoring Information," set the time and date as you prefer.
  7. Click "Save" to publish your article to the website.
  8. Verify the article shows up on the appropriate channel landing page.