Habanero Concurrent Collections Download

Though the CnC-on-Habanero effort is still work-in-progress, we have made available an early release of the Habanero-Java (HJ) prototype implementation of CnC for download and experimentation by research groups. 


Latest version available:

To install, follow instructions in the README.txt file.

License Summary

This is a binary release with source code only provided for CnC code examples and for shell scripts.  The binary code in lib/*.jar was built from open source software released under the following licenses.  The corresponding source code can be obtained from the appropriate links included below or by sending email to Vincent Cave.

  • Binary code for Soot software released under the GNU Lesser General-Public-License
    • jasminclasses-2.3.0.jar
    • sootclasses-2.5.0.jar
  • Binary code for LPGPolyglot and software released under the Eclipse Public License
    • lpg.jar
    • lpg_runtime.jar
    • polyglot.jar
  • Binary code for CUP software released under the CUP Parser Generator Copyright Notice, License, and Disclaimer
    • java_cup.jar
  • Binary code for Kilim released under MIT license
    • kilim-x-0.7.2.jar
  • Binary code for BCEL released under Apache License
    • bcel-5.2.jar

  • Binary code for Jasmin released under BSD License
    • jasminclasses-2.5.0.jar

  • Binary code for jsr166 released under Creative Common License
    • jsr166y.jar


Please email all bug reports, feature requests and documentation requests to Vincent Cave.  Be sure to include the full file name of the file that you downloaded.

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