I am a PhD student in Computer Science Department at Rice University, and a member of the Computer Security Lab. This is my second year in the doctoral program. My advisor is Professor Dan Wallach.

Office: Duncan Hall 1083
Office Hours: 3pm ~ 4pm on Wednesday.
Email: as43 at rice dot edu

Research Interests


Machine Learning

Digital Forensics

Computer Systems Security

Quiltwork Project Home

My Quiltwork Home

Distributed Systems

Distributed Queues Design and Implementation

Computer Systems Architecture

Implementation of Tomasulo processor

Computer Networks

Implementation of Intra-domain Routing
Implementation of Inter-domain Routing

Small tools I developed

My Technical Memo

These notes are mainly for my personal use purposes. Any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk.

Teaching Assistantships

Courses I have taken or am taking at Rice Univ.

Spring 12

Fall 11

Spring 11

Fall 10

Spring 10

Fall 09



Working Experience and Internship


Selected Awards




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