Since CTBP is a multi-institutional center, there is a range of resources available at multiple universities.

RICE NOTS Cluster - This resource is available to all Rice community members.  It is a heterogeneous cluster that provides CPU and GPU computing capabilities.

AMD HPC Fund Cluster - This cluster was a gift from AMD, and it is composed of two distinct computational resources.  There is a set of nodes hosted at Rice, as well as a Penguin On Demand cluster.  Both resources contain nodes that have 8 GPUs per node.  The POD cluster has 80 nodes, while the on-campus cluster has an additional 19 nodes.

Northeastern University Discovery Cluster - This is the primary computing resource available at NU.  It contains roughly 30,000 compute cores and hundreds of GPUs.  This resource is available to all NU members that have a faculty sponsor.

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