DMC Flash workshop handout

Steps for Animating a Line Drawing

    • Grab Line tool, draw a line on layer 1 on the first Keyframe
      • press F5 to add more frames, stop at frame 30
    • Create a second layer
      • position the playhead on the first Keyframe, draw a small rectangle with fill color, but without stroke to cover the starting point of the line.
      • at frame 30, Insert a blank Keyframe. 
      • on the second Keyframe, draw a big rectangle with fill color, but without stroke color to cover the whole line
      • right click over anywhere in between the first and second keyframe, choose Create Shape Tween
      • right click-over the second layer, choose Mask.
    • Control -> Test, to test your animation.
    • Sample file in Flash animating-a-line-drawing-sample.fla
    • Exported SWF and GIF file




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