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Printing Locations

Fondren Library printer/copier/scanner information

Labs, Printer and Plotter Locations & Rates

University Copy Center at 126 Ley Student Center

Plotter Locations

Mudd Building

NoteThe Mudd Printers have primarily been used by students and students will be charged to their Owlnet printing accounts. The information was prepared primarily for student use of these plotters.
It is not clear how faculty and staff will be charged. You can call Rice help desk at x4357 to get more information.

PaperPrinter ModelPC Queue NameCost per linear foot

Roll Paper

(36" X 150')


plotter 2,
plotter 3,
plotter 4 

$3.00 per linear foot
Roll Paper
(36" X 150') 
gplottergplotter$7.00 per linear foot
(glossy paper only) 
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