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  • Changing Paper Rolls
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1. Lift the spindle lock lever and remove the spindle from the printer. You can also refer to unloading paper guide. 2. Place the spindle on the floor and keep it horizontal. Lift the blue hub lock lever to release it and remove the blue hub from the left side of the spindle. 3. Take the paper roll off the spindle. Insert the spindle into the paper roll you want to use. The blue hub must be on the left and the paper edge comes up from the top of the roll.  


4. Make sure that the black hub on the right side
of the spindle is fully inserted into the roll of paper. Slide the blue hub onto the spindle until it is fully inserted into the roll of paper (no gap should exist between the hub and the roll), and then lock the hub.
5. Note that the core of 36" semi-glossy paper roll is larger than the cores of other paper types, so be sure to use the spindle that is for 36" semi-glossy paper only. You should see a label on the black bar. 6. The spindle for 36" semi-glossy paper has blue hub adapter attached to the black hub and the blue hub, which allows paper roll to be securely and tightly placed between two hubs. This makes easier for plotter to roll the paper while loading, unloading and printing.  
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