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  • DMC Software: How to print a booklet from Indesign
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How to print a booklet from Indesign on the DMC Color Printer

  1. Select "File" and scroll down and select "Print Booklet"

  1. In the "Print" window select the following
    1. Printer: DMC Color Printer
    2. Paper size: 8 ½x11 or 11x17 typically
    3. Orientation: Landscape (2nd from the left)
    4. If you wish to print double sided select "Setup" down near the bottom left, if not, then click OK to print your project.

  1. When you select "Setup" you will get this warning. Click "OK"

  1. Select DMC Color Printer, then select preferences

  1. Under the advanced tab, check the box next to "Print on both sides", then click "OK".

  1. You will be returned back to the "Print" window. Click OK to begin printing.
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