Please note:

  • Reservation is up to 30 days in advance and 7 days at a time.
  • For a complete list of the DMC equipment and detailed item descriptions, click here.
  1. Search DMC equipment using Advanced Search 
  2. Reserve Your Item
    • Select your equipment from the listing and sign in using your Rice NetID.
    • Click the Request Item box
    • Reservation is up to one month in advance and 7 days at a time.
    •  Under Start Date, choose the date you would like to begin your reservation from the calendar’s pop up window
    • Choose the time of day by using the Hour and Minute drop down boxes
    • Similarly choose the date that your reservation will end under the End Date section
    • Note: Your reservation will not go through if the length of the reservation exceeds the limit of allotted time set for that item or if there is a conflict of availability with another request on that item
    • Click Send Request.
      • You will see a message in green like below indicating your reservation has been fulfilled. 
      • Or you will see a message in red like below indicating your reservation failed. 
    • Under your library account, go to My Requests, you can view all your equipment reservations and cancel any reservations.
  3. Check Availability
    •  Select Check Availability

    • If the item is unavailable, there will be red boxes highlighting when the equipment has already been reserved
    • If the item is unavailable for the whole day, there will simply be a box at the top labeled Unavailable 00:00-23:59

               Note: You can not select a reservation date and time on this Check Availability calendar. The calendar allows you to view the equipment status. It does not let you choose a date or time for reservation. 

Tips and tricks

  • If the calendar buttons are missing from the Request Item window, make the browser window bigger to bring back the calendar buttons so that you can select a reservation date.
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