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Please Note: 
  • A 48""x36" poster in landscape orientation is used in this illustration and a 36" paper/canvas roll is loaded. 
  • Mac works better than PC. It is recommended that you use a Mac to print a PDF file. For instance, if your poster is 60"x30" in landscape orientation, PC doesn't allow you input a 60"x30" paper. Instead, PC insists the paper used should be bigger in the length. If you enter 60"x30" width x length for paper size, it keeps changing the paper to 30"x60" and prints out the short edge of the poster first.If you have 60" wide paper loaded, it will be a waste of paper this way.  This pitfall can be easily avoided on a Mac. 
  1. Open the PDF poster file with Adobe Acrobat on any Mac stations.
  2. Rotate your poster 90 degree so that the poster is in portrait orientation.
  3. Go to File -> Print
  4. On the Print window, click on Page Setup
  5. Click Yes on the pop-up Page Setup dialog window.

  6. On the Page Setup window, Format for: dmc-plotter, Paper Size - Custom Paper Sizes, make sure your Paper Size is 36 inch wide and 48 inch high. 

  7. On the Page Setup window, make sure your setup is as follows.

  8. Then click OK on the Page Setup window.
  9. If your poster does have at least 0.5 inch margins on all the four sides, on the Print window choose Page Scaling: Actual Size instead of Fit to have your poster printed at 100% scale.
  10. If your poster doesn't have any margins on all the four sides, in general choose Custom Scale 98% to print the whole poster.
  11. If for some reason the plotter is cutting off the sides of the poster and changing "Custom Scale" doesn't resolve the issue, then remove 1 inch from the height dimension in page setup and print using Fit setting:

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