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Z6800 Data Sheet

Z6800 User Manual

Supported Paper Types

ModelZ6800 Production Printer
InkPigment-based dyes
Type Large Format Printer
Sizes60" semi-glossy 
36" semi-glossy
36" canvas
60" canvas
CostPlotter calculator
Print ResolutionUp to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi

Knowledge base:

  • DMC plotter HPZ6800 margins

    Note: If we have defined a custom page size that has very narrow margins or 0 margins, the printer imposes its own minimal margins and clip the image slightly. 
  • Printable area = paper size - margins
    • for Preview, the printable area = paper loaded - margins
    • To scale an image or page, select Scale, then enter a percentage. To fill as much of the paper as possible, select Scale to Fit, 

      • then select Print Entire Image if you don’t want the image cropped. This is our choice when printing a poster. 

      • or Fill Entire Paper if you want the image cropped to the proportions of the paper.


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