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  • Unloading Paper From The Plotter
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Unloading Paper From the Plotter

1. Make sure the plotter is at the "Ready" screen.

2. Push the menu key then make sure "Paper" is
highlighted and push "OK".

3. Scroll to "Paper Unload" and push OK.

4. Wait for the printer to process the request.
If the plotter is unloading the canvas paper,
it will roll up the paper itself. If not, then repeat
3 until the paper is fully unloaded.

5. If the plotter is unloading the semi-glossy paper,
it will start to print media tracking information
on the edge of the paper roll. This barcode
(shown on the bottom figure) contains paper
information such as media type, width, and
length. This info will be scanned by the plotter
sensor when it is being loaded next time. 

6. Do not touch the plotter until you see
"Ready for paper" on the screen. 

7. Lift the spindle lock lever. 8. Hold the paper roll and gently pull it off the plotter.  
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