Learning Environments will be offering training to faculty in various formats including one-on-one as well as short videos and documentation. Please check back here often as we will continuously post additional information.


Use of Dual Delivery Equipment in the Classroom Instructional Video

Quick Reference guide for using the equipment in the classrooms (this guide will be placed in each room as well)

Quick Reference guide for smaller rooms (Humanities 226, 227, 328, Brockman 103) (this guide will be placed in each room as well)

Quick Reference guide for the studio rooms (BRC 285, HBH 423, 453, HUM 120, KCK 105, KRF 102, 120, RZR 204)

Quick Reference guide for using the in room equipment with your laptop

Quick Reference guide for carts in Hamman, Sewall (VADA), OEDK, BRC 320, ABL 305, Music

Quick Reference guide for the carts in Hamman, Sewall (VADA), Anderson Hall, OEDK

Canvas help


Do I need to setup a Zoom meeting for each one of my classes I'm teaching?

Yes, you will want to go into Canvas and create the links in there. This way they will be available within your Canvas course for all your students to access and you won't need to send it to your students. For info on creating these meetings within Canvas, click here

Do I need to record my class sessions?

Yes, you will need to record them so any students, living outside a 4 hour time zone or for students who might fall ill during the semester, will be able to view them. Don't forget to publish them after you record them. That doesn't happen automatically.

I am teaching a fully remote class. Do I need to do anything special?

Your setup will be similar to the spring semester. You will be remote and so will the students. You will conduct your class through Zoom and you will want to record it. For more information on using Zoom, click here. If you would like to teach from one of our teaching studios instead of your office or home, please email registrar@rice.edu to request one of these rooms.

I have an in person class and I will be teaching in person. How do I setup to teach dual delivery?

The rooms have been outfitted with cameras, monitors, and microphones to pick up the faculty and the students. The above video will give you an overview of the classrooms and the quick reference guides above will give you step by step instructions on using the equipment. We encourage you to request a time to come test out the equipment in the room you will teach in by emailing teaching@rice.edu. The dual delivery method works by using Zoom to bring your remote students into your classroom and be able to interact with them.

I have an in person class but I will be teaching remote.

You will still need to setup Zoom. This is best done through your Canvas course. You will need to request for a Technology TA to be present in your class to setup the equipment so your in person students can view you and the remote students. I recommend you setting up a time to test this scenario by emailing teaching@rice.edu. 

We will continue to add to this FAQ. If you have other questions, please email teaching@rice.edu 





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