Thank you for your interest in becoming a Technology TA

We currently have enough applications! 
We will begin reaching out to those of you with availability during the times in which we have faculty still needing assistance starting 9/8/2020.

As Rice University moves to dual delivery this fall, we are adding technology (microphones, monitors, cameras) to existing classrooms in order to bring the remote students into the classroom.  This will allow the students in class to be able to interact with the remote students and vice versa. Although the additional equipment is not complicated to use, instructors will need to make sure it is setup properly so everyone can participate in class.  Faculty will be able to opt in to have a Technology TA and they will be able to choose whether the TA assists them in the beginning of class to get setup or helps throughout the class. In addition, we are hiring to fill on call positions in buildings. An on call Tech TA will be located in a building and be available to assist faculty as needed. You will not be assigned one specific faculty member but will be available to academic classes in the building.

Who can be a Technology TA?

Any undergraduate student that is comfortable with computers. You do not need to be super technical, just comfortable with using a computer.

What will I be doing?

You will be helping the instructor log into Zoom and making sure that the camera is set for how the faculty wishes to teach and that the monitor and cart are showing what the faculty wants it to show. You will be helping make sure the instructor is setup and the remote students can participate.

What Technology TAs can do:

-Help faculty log into Zoom and make sure it’s recording

-Help faculty make sure cameras are set for how they plan to use them that day

-Make sure additional monitor shows Zoom gallery of remote students

-Monitor chat if requested by faculty member

-Point of contact for remote students with questions

-Trouble shoot AV issues


What Technology TAs can’t do:

-Take attendance

-Monitor students in a classroom 

-Take on the role of an instructor


How many hours will I be required to work?

Classes are Monday - Friday 8 am - 10 pm. We will need all hours covered based on faculty requests. You will sign up for class time shifts, which are roughly 1 hour MWF and 1.5 hours TTh.  The shifts will follow the class times. We will need students all over campus. You can sign up for more than 1 continuous shift if you want and you can sign up for up to 20 hours per week. 

Will I be paid?

Yes. Technology TAs will be paid $12 per hour.  Since you will be scheduled in approximately 1 hour time blocks, you will be paid for the full hour even if you only assist during the first part of the class. You will be expected to be nearby (in the same building) on call should a faculty member need assistance during the hour(s) you are working.

Will I be trained on what to do?

Yes you will be trained and paid for training. There will be approximately 4 hours of training, which will include synchronous and asynchronous training.

How do I apply?

We have enough applications for the slots.

What if I have more questions?




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