Homework 3

Due: 11:59pm, Friday, Sep 24, 2020

100 points

  • All problems in this Homework are hand evaluations following the rules in the PDF document entitled Evaluating Functional Racket Programs which has been uploaded to both Piazza and the course wiki (Confluence) as the file LawsOfEval.pdf.
  • Carefully follow the Sample Solution to a Hand Evaluation Problem in the Racket HW Guide.  In addition. the Homework Support file HW03.txt contains a sample Problem 0
    and its solution.  By using ellipsis ( ... ) for expressions appearing in the preceding snapshot that are unchanged by the reduction step, you can reduce the amount of text you have
    to write.  In most problems, a snapshot with ellipsis will fit on a single line.  If you use a text editor, a typical snapshot looks very much like the preceding one.  Check out the sample
    hand evaluation.  Hand-evaluations consisting of 10-20 steps can be created very quickly.  
  • Check in your solution to your SVN repository under the name HW03.txt ) the file svn.rice.edu/r/comp311/courses/HW02.rkt from the Rice SVN repository and use as a stub for writing your solution the problems below. 
  • The Intermediate student with lambda Racket language includes a stepper that performs reduction semantics.  You can use it as a reference.
  • Do the 4 problems in the file HW03.txt and Problem 5 if you want to earn extra credit.
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