The current release of CnC-Scala has been tested with Scala version 2.9.1.
You will need to have the scalac and scala commands available in your path.

Download the latest CnC-Scala distribution and unzip the contents.
You should have the following file:

  |- license.txt
  |- readme.txt
  |- release-notes.txt
  |- bin
      |- cnc_scala_compile
      |- cnc_scala_run
      |- cnc_scala_translate
  |- lib:
      |- cnc-runtime-0.1.2.jar
      |- jsr166y-1.7.0.jar
  |- examples:
      |- Cholesky/*
      |- FindPrimes/*
      |- LUDecomposition/*
      |- NQueens/*
      |- PartitionString/*
      |- SOR/*

Set the CNC_SCALA_HOME environment variable to point to the cnc-scala directory.
Add ${CNC_SCALA_HOME}/bin to your path.

The installation is now complete and you are now ready to run the examples and write your own CnC programs.

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