Converting openmp programs to Habanero-C

Creating a task

#pragma omp task  => async 

The block of code enclosed by an omp task is now enclosed in an async block

Passing data to a task

OpenMP provide the following clause to define how a task should access variables

  • shared: variable are shared between threads (default, except for loop iteration index)
  • private: each thread has a local copy and use it as a temporary variable. A private variable is not initialized.
  • firstprivate: like private except initialized to original value

Equivalent in HC:

  • shared: The only way to share a variable between asyncs is to pass a pointer to a variable as an IN parameter. Keep in mind that the variable you are trying to share cannot be stack allocated in HC.
  • private: The closest semantic in HC is to declare a variable at the beginning of the async body. Each async is going to have storage for the variable and is not initialized.
  • firstprivate: Matches the semantic of the IN clause. Each async has a local copy of each IN clauses arguments and is initialized to its original value.

Waiting for tasks

#pragma omp taskwait

Need to create a finish block that encloses each asyncs (omp tasks) the application needs to wait for.

Atomic and Critical sections

#pragma omp critical: enclosed block executed by only one thread at a time
HC doesn't provide the "isolated" construct as HJ does. Currently, you'll need to use any lock implementation available in C.
One solution is to use pthread_mutex_lock / pthread_mutex_unlock

#pragma omp atomic: atomic operation translated to hardware specific operation.
You should use one of the primitive provided by HC. Have a look at hc_sysdep.h in the HC runtime src folder. It provides implementations such as atomic CAS, atomic increment, etc... for various platforms.

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