Master's Thesis Information

This is the resource page for Nick Vrvilo's Master's thesis in Computer Science, entitled Asynchronous Checkpoint/Restart for the Concurrent Collections Model. A full PDF version of this thesis is available here, or on the Habanero publications page.

K-Framework Graphical Models

Simple (Monotonic)Download PDFDownload PDF
Advanced (Trailing Edge)Download PDFDownload PDF

K-Framework + Clojure Hybrid Runtime (executable formal model)

This project depends on JDK6, Leiningen, and the K-framework.

Download the source tarball (gzipped).

Sample Applications for CnC on Habanero C

Depends on the Habanero C runtime, as well as liblfds (version 6.1.1). All other dependencies are bundled in the source tarball.

Download the source tarball (bzipped).

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