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Our past and current software projects are listed alphabetically below.

CnC Framework

The Habanero CnC Framework is a toolchain that unifies several of the C and C++ implementation of the Concurrent Collections model. It supports a unified graph specification language, tuning language, and C API. Applications created with this toolchain can be run on any of the supported runtime backends. Currently supported runtimes include the Open Community Runtime (OCR), and the Intel CnC runtime.

CnC Framework on GitHub  ||  CnC Framework source code snapshot (tgz)

Open Community Runtime

OCR is a low level runtime system designed to map onto a wide range of scalable computer systems. It provides the capabilities needed to support a wide range of programming models including data-flow (when events are associated with data blocks), fork-join (when events enable the execution of post-join continuations), bulk-synchronous processing (when event trees can be used to build scalable barriers and collective operations), and combinations thereof. The Habanero group is actively involved in both the development of the Open Community Runtime (OCR) core and its ecosystem.

OCR on the Modelado wiki  ||  OCR source code repository (gitweb)  ||  OCR source code snapshot (tgz)

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