server replaced by server June 2014

NOTE: Spring 2022 - the server is also being replaced.  Please move any personal data or web sites to OIT supported storage and web platforms. See: Service Update: Storage Decommission

The "Rice Unix Facility", or RUF, was decommissioned years ago, and one of the surviving servers,, completely failed in 2014.  It was an old, unsupported, server; both hardware and Operating System.  A new server,; was created to provide access to the old accounts and content for a temporary period to give users additional time to transition their websites to modern technologies.

With the implementation of current hardware and operating system and adherence to Rice security guidelines, RUF users will notice a few differences from the old, system.

Key differences on the new server,

  • SSH access to  from Rice networks only
  • Default Shell on is bash
  • no FTP access.  SFTP access only.
  • No samba/CIFS access supported.
  • No X11 supported.
  • Pine is replaced with ALPINE.
  • User access to authorized org. accounts still available.


SSH access to (or ) is allowed only from Rice networks.  Users may connect from the campus network, or when off-campus; via their VPN account or through the SSH gateway boxes. For more detailed info:

Connect to various Unix or Linux Rice servers using ssh while your computer is roaming

Default Login Shell = bash

Users on  old RUF systems, got either csh or tcsh shells.  Since is a new server and the default shell is bash.  All users have a default .bashrc  and .bash_profile setup on their account. (This is similar to other Rice systems like 

Secure FTP (SFTP) access only to

The old, insecure access FTP that was on kennel.ruf is not allowed under current Rice security guidelines.  Those users who ftp files and web pages to their  personal or organizational accounts will need to use some SFTP access client (not FTPS; i.e; FTP over SSL/TLS ). only supports 256-bit encryption algorithms.  Check your favorite SFTP client; its default setting may be for a 128-bit algorithm.   FTP access (to port 21) will be denied, SFTP access (to port 22) will be accepted. 

For more detailed info:

Connect to various Unix or Linux Rice servers using ssh while your computer is roaming

No SAMBA or CIFS support

The old, RUF servers used SAMBA for accessing windows systems or the old printing subsystem.  The need for the SAMBA protocol was discontinued long ago on the old RUF server. These access protocols are not available on

No X11 support

The old, RUF servers used the X11 window system, which is not available on

Pine is replaced by ALPINE

The old email client called "pine" is not available any longer.  We have installed ALPINE instead on  You can invoke it with the command "pine"  (or "alpine") and it will use your old .pinerc file for configuration if you have one.

User access to their authorized organization account is still available.

If a user was also authorized to access some organizational  account (dept., group, functional) on the old RUF system they still have that access.

To access your organizational account, after login with your personal NetID account; users can issue, for example;  the command "cd ~myorganization" to change to that directory (or "cd /rufhome/myorganization" ).

Moving your old RUF web pages to a new, supported, OIT web platform

If you have a web presence on the old (now at, we insist that you move that to our OIT Enterprise Web Services. 

The old RUF web address can be redirected to the new location, so the move would be transparent to your audience. The old RUF and ORGANIZATION servers are legacy systems and no longer supported. Their availability could fail at any time. 

Personal Web site:

SPRING 2022 Update:  personal accounts are being migrated OFF  You must move your data to OneDrive, Google Drive, or Box.  See Service Update: Storage Decommission

Old data - no longer valid:

For a simple, personal, web site; you can use the Public folder in your Enterprise home folder.  Your old RUF web address can be redirected to the storage folder.  You will find instructions for setting up your web pages at this wiki: 

Create a web site under a "home folder" or "U drive" on Rice storage (old)

You could also create a personal web site using Rice Blogs.  See

Departmental, Research Group or other Group Web site:

If your web site is more advanced or complicated, you may wish to look at OIT's other options for web hosting services:

Web Hosting: Office of Information Technology

Course accounts and web spaces: 

See Move class materials to CLEAR system

Websites for Collaboration, Departments, Organizations, Student Clubs, and Colleges

Whatever solution you choose for your web pages, your old RUF address can be redirected to the new server, making the move transparent to your audience.