HJ-Lib is a library implementation of the Habanero-Java (HJ) language. It relies on the lambda support in Java 8 to provide a syntax close the HJ language.

As such, the language constructs available in HJ are available as static method calls which accept lambdas as arguments in the library implementation.

Referring to the language constructs will give a good introduction to the static methods provided in HJ-Lib.

The API documentation for HJ-lib is available here. The most important classes that provide support for the static methods to use are:

A summary of the configuration options that can be used to initialize the HJ-lib runtime is available as the different enum constants in the HjSystemProperty class.

Primers on how to use HJ-lib are also available to view online here. These examples can be used to test the various constructs such as:

and their corresponding variants.

Code examples of how to interact with HJ-Lib API and the different parallel constructs are also available.


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