Computes the distance between two phylogenetic networks, based on their topologies. Three measures are currently implemented:

  • Tree-based measure. (-m tree)
  • Tripartition-based measure. (-m tri)
  • Cluster-based measure. (-m cluster)
  • Reduction-based measure (Nakhleh, L. (2010)). (-m luay)

The networks must be specified in the Rich Newick Format.

This program returns three numbers: the false negative rate (roughly, the trees/tripartitions/clusters found in the first network but not the second, divided by the number of trees/tripartitions/clusters in the first network), the false positive rate (roughly, the trees/tripartitions/clusters found in the second network but not the first, divided by the number of trees/tripartitions/clusters in the second network), and the average of the two rates (their sum divided by 2).

If reduction-based measure is used, this program returns only one number: the distance.


cmpnets network_ident1 network_ident2 -m [tree|tri|cluster|luay] [resultOutputFile]


The name of the first network.



The name of the second network.


-m [tree|tri|cluster|luay]

Characterization mode. One of tree, tri, cluster, or luay.



Optional file destination for command output.





Network net1 = ((a,(b,(c)x#1)),((d,x#1),e));
Network net2 = ((((a, (c)x#1), d), (b, x)), e);



Cmpnets net1 net2 -m cluster;


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