Scheme Homework submission checklist

Please go over these instructions carefully before submitting each homework.
Keep in mind that they may be updated between homeworks.

The file that you submit

  • Make sure that you have followed the Scheme Homework Guide in writing your problem solutions.
  • Include header comments at the beginning your Scheme (.ss) file. Recall that you should only submit one file that is a legal Scheme program. The header and answers to expository questions should be formatted as comments (either as Scheme comment boxes or semi-colon tagged comments).
    The header should contain:
    • the assignment number,
    • your name and email address, and
    • your partner's name and email address.
  • Check that your submitted programs run correctly in DrScheme. By using check-expect for testing, you can simply run your entire homework file. If you have constructed thorough test suites, DrScheme will report any errors as failed tests.
  • You can refer to data and function definitions from previous problems without redefining them.
  • Any non-primitive data type that you use in your function contracts must be documented (at least once) by a definition written as a comment in your file. The definition must occur before that form of data is used in program code.
  • Make sure that your submit one, text-formatted (.ss) file for all the required problems. By text-formatted we mean a regular text file--not a DrScheme editor file. To create such a file, you can use the Save Definitions as Text command located in the submenu titled Save Other in the File menu.

Submitting your homework

To submit your homework, please use OwlSpace. You can simply write "See attached" in the submission box, attach the .ss file described above, and hit the submit button.

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