Lab 12: Sudoku Assignment Quickstart

Download the support code for the Sudoku assignment. Try to understand first the Sudoku class and the JUnit test classes. Then look over the Row and PartialSolution classes to understand how a game board is represented as Java objects.


1. Look at the implementation of the toString() function of the PartialSolution class. This implementation has problems of performance and functionality (does not work correctly in all cases). What are these problems? Write a new implementation for the toString() function that avoids both problems.

2. Write a function that tests if a PartialSolution is a descendent of another PartialSolution (a descendent is "included" in its parent). Write Junit tests for this function.

3. The tests for the support functions in the class PartialSolution are too few. Many situations are not properly tested. Extend what is already offered with tests as varied as you can. (What you write here can be submitted as partial solution for the Sudoku assignment).

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