Signup sheet for homework partners

Please signup with your partner by editing this page and adding your name and your partner's name in the following list (please note that the twiki is space-sensitive, therefore you need to use the exact number of spaces as the entries before you):

Partners List:

  • Benjamin Leung, Skyler Johnson
  • Richard Latimer, Hailey Hinson
  • Robert Brockman, Diana Daphne Wert
  • Samuel Kim, Dennis Qian
  • Chun Wu, Narae Kim
  • David Rosales, Zack Rubenstein
  • Elizabeth Fudge, Andrew Emil
  • Jesus Cortez, Meng Chen
  • Jarred Payne, Robyn Moscowitz
  • Siegfried Bilstein, Konrad Stoick
  • Ann Wawrose, Lauren Boyd
  • Tommy Sprague, Lewis Roberts
  • Akeem McLennon, Caitlin Barnett

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