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General Turnin Information

For this class, students will use the OwlSpace system to turn in assignments.

File Names and Directories

For the first six weeks of this course, all programming assignments are written in the Scheme programming languages. All solutions to Scheme programming problems in an assignment should be placed in a single .ss file. Similarly, all solutions to the free response questions in an assignment should be placed in the same .ss file within block comment brackets.

For the remaining nine weeks of the course, programming assignments will be written in Java. Some Java assignments will involve creating multiple files. To submit a multi-file assignment, place those files in a separate directory (with a name as described below) and create a .zip file for that directory.

File names Files should be named with partner netIDs separated by a hyphen followed by a hyphen and the assignment abbreviation and either the .ss extension (for Scheme programming assignments requiring only a single file) or the .zip extension (for Java assignments consisting of multiple files). For example, the program file for hw01 (in Scheme) submitted by ids gcw5217 and gmalecha should be called gcw5217-gmalecha-hw01.ss . Similarly, the program file for hw07 consisting of a .java program file and a .java unit test file (with the file names specified in the assignment specifications) submitted by ids gcw5217 and gmalecha should be called gcw5217-gmalecha-hw07.zip .

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