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Ubuntu 10.10 changes the default position of minimize, maximize and close buttons to the left hand side of title bar. After I am used to it, I found it is pretty good especially for large wide screens, and I want to apply it to my Debian system.

I found this video clip on YouTube gives a visual description of how to move minimize, maximize, close, and menu button left or right for Ubuntu. I tried it on my Debian system and it also works.

Here is the precedure:

  1. Start gconf-editor
    $ gconf-editor
  2. Edit following key
    Following is my favorite setting.

You can change it to any order as you like. Anything on the left of the colon mark(:) will show on the left side of a title bar. You can also put every button left or right by put the colon mark at the end or the beginning of the value string.

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