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When you want to import a large MyISAM table from a file and the table has many indexes, this may help you.

  1. Create the table properly (with index)
  2. Flush table
    $ mysqladmin flush-tables -u a_db_user -p
  3. Removes all use of indexes for the table
    $ sudo myisamchk --keys-used=0 -rq /var/lib/mysql/dbName/tblName
  4. LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE. Adjust the parameters corresponding to your csv file.
    $ mysql -u your_user_name -p
    mysql> use your_db_name;
    mysql> LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'your_data_file.csv'
           INTO TABLE `your_tbl_name`
             ENCLOSED BY '"'
             ESCAPED BY '\\'
           LINES TERMINATED BY '\n'
           IGNORE 1 LINES;
  5. Re-create the indexes
    $ sudo myisamchk --key_buffer_size=1024M --sort_buffer_size=1024M -rq /var/lib/mysql/dbName/tblName
  6. Flush table
    $ mysqladmin flush-tables -u a_db_user -p

LOAD DATA example


Refer to and syntax for more details.

Test environment

Ubuntu 10.10
Mysql server 5.1

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