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Created on Dec,7th,2009

Firefox 3.5 settings:

Remove ubufox using Synaptic Package Manager.

Ubufox is an extension which makes it's possible to install extensions by apt. But it is said that it have some conflicts with other extensions like

AdBlock Plus
Tabs Mix Plus
Web Developer Toolbar
Text Formatting Toolbar
Forecastbar Enhanced (a better Forecastfox)
Greasemonkey et al.

Fix missing icons in search box drop down list and other menus

Ubuntu menu:
  System -> Preferences -> Appearance check "Show icons in menus"
Restart Firefox

Reference: #29 of this post.

Image rendering problems

The image rendering in Firefox 3.5 under Ubuntu 9.10 is very bad. You can avoid it by turn off the zoom function for images in Firefox:

Go to View -> Zoom -> reset and choose "zoom text only".

Synaptic Package Manager 100% CPU

It happens some time when I press reload button. You can remove the file /var/run/synaptic.socket, then it comes back

Chinese and Japanese input (IBus)

Ubuntu has switched to IBus as preferred input method framework. Unlike the previously used SCIM, IBus is under active development and fixes a number of SCIM's design limitations.

Go to System >> Administration and select Language Support.
Install the missing language pack.
Keyboard input method system: select ibus

Next screen Installed Languages:
select Chinese (simplified), make sure you checked Translations, Input methods, and Extra fonts
I also selected Japanese language.

go to System -> Preferences -> iBus Preferences.
By default, to trigger iBus: Control+space, switch to next input method: Alt+Shift_L

Input methods:
PinYin is for inputing Chinese Characters
pinyin is for input pinyin symbols.

Auto SSH

Generate key pair:

client% ssh-keygen

Then copy generated to server.
Add client's public key to server's authorized key file:

server% cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Set default user name on your client:

client% cat ~/.ssh/config
Host *
User YourNetID


Here is a good link telling you how to use sshfs from clients.

Mount LVM2 volumes

Here is a good link telling you how to mount a lvm2 volume

Change Hostname

You CANNOT change the hostname by just using the command of

% sudo hostname ANewName

To change the hostname, edit the /etc/hostname file, and Ubuntu will automatically change the corresponding line in the /etc/hosts file. If for some reason, the hosts file are not changed, you have to change it manually.

$ sudo vi /etc/hostname
$ cat /etc/hosts	newHostName	localhost.localdomain	localhost

Clone Ubuntu Installation

I installed ubuntu on a USB HD of size 50GB. and I clone it to a USB HD of size 80GB.

Here gives a good instruction.

But there was a problem: The used space in the second disk is much bigger then that in the first disk.(the difference seems like the capacity of the disks).To solve this problem, you can just lunch the GParted in Live CD, and let it check your problem disk. It will fix the wrong mount of used space.

Mount rice storage (only for Rice University users)

Could not mount the swap partition

After the installation, I don't know why I cannot mount the swap partition. Finally I figured out that the UUID pointing to swap is different from the correct one. You can see your partitons UUID by this comamnd:

ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/

Then copy and past your correct UUID of your swap partition to /etc/fstab.

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