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Table of Contents



PCB Houses

For each of the PCB houses, please provide at least the following minimum information: Company Name, web link, restrictions. More information to consider: How good are they, customer service, native file formats, minimum feature size, etc ...


  • Sunstone Electronics
    • Web link:
    • Restrictions: 6mil min feature size
    • Native File Types: NOT allegro (their website says they do but they don't accept our newer version of orcad/allegro (16.5 +) because they don't have a licence for it and they don't plan on getting one (too expensive)
    • Other Notes:
      • Super expedite is fast, but costly. 
  • OSH Park
    • Web link:
    • Restrictions:
    • Native File Types: EagleCAD
    • Other Notes:
      • This is a batch pcb service, they will batch your pcb design along with others in order to lower the cost. Turn around time is about 2-3 weeks for 2 layer boards. If you can wait that long, then it is very cost effective
      • Purple Boards!!

Electronics Stores in Houston


For each of the stores please be sure to include the following information: Name, address, notes. Also consider: web address, hours, google maps link, type of electronics sold, helpfulness of staff etc.


  • Ace Electronics
    • Address 
      3210 Antoine Dr
      Houston, Texas 77092
    • Web Link:
    • Hours: 9-5 M-F
    • Notes: Hours are awkward to get to, but if they have quite possible the best selection in town
    • Type of electronics: ICs, passives, motors, tools, switches, relays, mounting hardware.....
    • Gmaps: