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In order to start planning for dual delivery, Learning Environments (LE) created a preliminary list of equipment and distributed it to the IT Academic Technologies Subcommittee. This subcommittee is part of the Faculty Senate Committee, the University Committee on Information Technology. It is chaired by Scott Rixner and seated by faculty across the university. It advises the Office of Information Technology (OIT) on academic technology in classrooms. The committee met and provided initial feedback into what is important for classroom technology design. Upon receiving the feedback LE began procuring a set of test equipment to pilot the options with faculty in classrooms.

Faculty from the IT Academic Technologies Subcommittee came to campus to view, test and provide feedback on some equipment that we are evaluating using in classrooms. The faculty members who were in involved in testing were: Renata Ramos (Engineering), Farès el-Dahdah (Humanities), Scott Rixner (Engineering), Lesa Tran Lu (Natural Sciences) and Kathy Matthews (Natural Sciences). There will be a second round of testing with the Academic Restart Committee. Even though needs change based on pedagogy, there are consistent themes resulting in basic requirements.