When using the DMC Audio Studio to record lectures, you may find it useful to show any physical documents you may have with the AverVision300AF+. 

  1. Before recording, make sure the device is plugged into both an outlet and the computer.
  2. Open the AverVision app   from the dock.
  3. Press the "Camera" button on the device and make sure the light in the middle of the device is green.
  4. Press the "Auto Focus" button to bring the document into focus.
  5. Press the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom in and out.
  6. Alternatively, press the settings button  in the application to access the zoom tool, as well as change the brightness and to add effects.
  7. When you are satisfied with the image being displayed, press the record button  to access the recording settings.
  8. Press the start button  to start the recording.
  9. Press the start button again to stop the recording.
  10. Choose the file destination and save the file.
  11. Note: In order not to have the lagging feel of the recorded footage, turn image enhancement off on the camera settings. 

Notes to the DMC staff as of 1/24/2018

  1. AverVision300AF+ is a discontinued product on Aver Classroom Technology website http://www.averusa.com/classroom-technology/support/
  2. Software AVerVision 2 is nowhere to be found to download. Instead, choose 300AFHD, then download A+ Suite accordingly. 
  3. After installation of A+ Suite, laugh Sphere 2 app that has similar function of AVerVision 2.
  4. So AVerVision 2 is still available on the iMac in DMC Audio Studio. However, for the podium iMac in DMC MPR, AverVision 2 is not available, but Sphere 2 is available for demonstration purpose. 

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