Because the old server,, died, a new server now handles hosting legacy, organization web pages. To access the new server,, a few changes may be necessary to your current setup. 

First, the changes which the new server caused are detailed here. They include:

  • SSH access to from Rice networks only (or use Rice VPN)
  • Default Shell on is bash
  • no FTP access. SFTP access only.
  • No samba/CIFS access supported.
  • No X11 supported.
  • Pine is replaced with ALPINE.
The Nomenclature

The new server is called, but "" and "" point to the same server, the new one. However, the way paths are dictated for is different from, so old pathways will likely not work. Correcting the path name to your remote directory is necessary to get access to

For FileZilla, Dreamweaver and a Linux Shell, no remote directory need be named, because they will go to the home directory of the account automatically at login.

For access to an organizational web page, you will need to first have

  • a ruf unix account for your personal NetID. Log a ticket to request one if you do no already have one. (see )
  • your NetID added to the Group for the organization account, on Again, log a ticket with that request )

For access to an organizational web page; but logging in with your personal NetID, you will need to specify the new path to the organizational account.  The root level directory is /ruf . When a user logins to their netid they will be in their account directory at  /rufhome/NetID

To access an org. type account (typically on partition org-a) you would need to use the path:  /home/org-a/accountname/   Use this full path in your Filezilla or Dreamweaver setup too if you are logging in with your personal  NetID account but working on the organizational account.  

Instructions on how to set up Filezilla, Dreamweaver, and how to use a Linux Shell are listed below

SFTP Setup

If you ever feel uncomfortable editing your own current settings, or setting up your SFTP software for the first time, the Help Desk in Mudd 103 is willing to help.

For remote assistance, the Help Desk's phone number is 713-348-HELP(4357)