For Organization or Departmental accounts, which are not linked to an individual NetID, the owner of that account can change the account password in MyNetID (Online Account Management System) at any time.


  1. Go to MyNetID (Online Account Management System)
  2. From the Left-Hand Menu, select "Login" and enter YOUR NetID (account name) and password (usually your e-mail password). You will be taken back to the main page.
  3. Select "Change your account password" from the "Account Maintenance" navigation menu.

  4. In the MyNetID (Online Account Management System) application, you will see ALL the accounts you own.
  5. To change the password for an Individual Account, select it from the list by clicking the button or circle that begins that row, then type your new password into the appropriate spaces to change the password for this INDIVIDUAL account.

    Need to Change Organization or Department Account Ownership

    • If you leave your department or change roles within Rice, remember to shift the ownership of your previous course/org/dept accounts to the new account owner. This can be done by contacting the Help Desk.
    • If you find yourself in the position of having to take over ownership of a course/org/dept account that has not been managed recently, you will have to request ownership of the account(s).
      1. Send a request to the Help Desk ( and ask that the account ownership be changed.
      2. CC the current or previous owner of the account, if known to verify transfer of ownership.
      3. If the current or previous owner of the account is not known, CC the department administrator to verify transfer of ownership.



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