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LocationChemical NameNumber of bottlesNotes
Chemical storage shelvesD-arabinose2Not an AraC inducer
 L-ascorbic acid2 
 ammonium chloride1 
 ammonium sulfate2 
 Bromophenol blue2 
 boric acid1 
 Brilliant blue (comassie)1 
 Calcium chloride dihydrate1 
 Calcium chloride anhydrous1 
 Casein hydrolysate1 
 Dextran from leuconostoc1 
 Ethylene glycol1 
 Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid2 
 GelGreen, 10000× in DMSO1Light-sensitive
 Guanidine hydrochloride1 
 Hinokitiol (β-thujaplicin)1tetA(TetR)-counterselection
 Lithium acetate dihydrate1 
 α-lactose  monohydrate2 
 D+maltose monohydrate1 
 Magnesium acetate1 
 Magnesium sulfate anhydrous2 
 Magnesium sulfate1 
 Magnesium chloride1 
 Magnesum II chloride tetrahydrate2 
 Nicotinic acid3 
 Potassium phospate dibasic5 
 KOH1conical tube
 Potassium phosphate monobasic1 
 Potassium chloride1 
 Potassium Iodide1 
 Sodium acetate anhydrous1 
 Sodium acetate2 
 L+rhamnose monohydrate1 
 Sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate3 
 Sodium sulfite1 
 Sodium sulfate1 
 Sodium hydroxide pellets1 
 Sodium phosphate dibasic anhydrous1 
 Tween 20 (polysorbate 20)4 
 Trichloracetic acid1 
 Tris (Trizma) base1 
 Zinc sulfate1 
Amino Acids ShelfL-alanine1 
 L-glutamic acid1 
 L-lysine hydrochloride1 
 α-ketoglutaric acid (2-oxoglutaric acid)1 
 L-aspartic acid1 
 L-ornithine hydrochloride1 
 Yeast nitrogen base3 
 Yeast synthetic drop-out media supplement3 
 5&6-carboxyfluorescein isomers1 
Media shelfTryptone 1 
 Sodium Chloride1 
 LE agarose1 
 LB agar1 
 LB broth1 
 Polyethylene glycol4 
 Peptone from meat1 
 Yeast extract1 
 Difco agar technical solidifying agent1 
 Bacto casamino acids1 
 Dextrose anhydrous1 
 Sodium Hydroxide1 
pH shelf10M NaOH1 
 Hydrogen peroxide1 
 Di rinse solution1 
 Tween 201 
 5M KOH1 
 12.1 N HCl1 
 3M KCl Fill solution2small bottles
 4M KCl Fill solution2big bottles
 pH4 Buffer solution1new
 pH7 Buffer solution1new
 pH10 Buffer solution1new
Fridge 4CNα benzoyl arginine ethyl ester2 
 proteinase K1 
 1S+10 camphor-sulfonic acid3 
 o-dianisidine dihydrochloride1 
 IPTGseveral small samples
 Kanamycin 4 
 Malachite green chloride1 
 L ascorbic acid1 
 Dextran from leuconostoc1 
 Biorad protein assay1 
 Biorad silver stain3 
 40% PEG1 
 Sodium acetate1 
 Hydrogen peroxide2 
New Freezer -20CD+trehalose1 
 Anhydrotetracycline hydrochloride1 
 IPTG (RPI)1 good IPTG
 Tetracycline hydrochloride1 



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