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Reagent recipes, common preparative/experimental procedures

Freezer Maps

Find what you need in the freezers

Chemical/Supply Inventory & Requests



Information/forms for instruments in lab

Instrument Scheduling Site


List of strains used or created in the lab
Scheduled for phase-out, switching to Benchling

Plasmids & Oligos

Phasing out. Sequences should be stored on Benchling.


Old NAS   - only accessible from inside the Rice Network

New NAS  - only accessible from inside the Rice Network

Lab Orientation

Various access codes, instructions, resources


Dissertations of past graduate students of the lab

Lab Duties

Lab job assignments to each member


Lab safety information

Storage Closet

Inventory of the Keck 301D hall closet

Meeting Order

  1. Corwin, Joanne
  2. Shyam, Meidi
  3. Bárbara, James, 
  4. David Z, Bhargav, 
  5. Jennifer, Baiyang
  6. – lab business placeholder --
  7. Xiao, Cole
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